Be warned!! These foods are not Vegan at all!

Thanks to the new vegan diet wave a lot of unscrupulous food companies are selling their foods items in the garb of vegan garb. When tested scientifically they are full of meat and dairy a substitute which is a sacrilege for any vegan and also it’s a dubious attempt to fool gullible people into buying it. Here is a list of food which aren’t vegan at all!

Worcestershire sauce

This name is sure to shock and break many hearts as it has been traditionally an ingredient in Blood Mary’s and marinades from last 200 years. Found in almost all the larders in the English and American households this contains vinegar, molasses, sugar, onions, spices and ANCHOVIES! This fermented fish is a complete no- no for any vegan diet. Thankfully there are many recipes for homemade Worcestershire sauce which substitutes anchovies like pickles plums, which makes it delicious and truly vegan.

Breakfast Cereals

Another heartbreaking revelation that lucky Charms, Kellogg frosted mini wheat contains gelatins which are extracted from binding agents from skin, bones and connective tissues of cows and pigs! Scary is it not? Sad to know that these trusted food which aren’t vegan at all has been sold to many children and adults alike. Furthermore the tasty almond milk you add to these cereals contains animal bones! But there are some great vegan alternatives such as Rice Krispies, Cap’n Crunch, Corn Pops and Barbara’s bakery puffins.

White sugar

Here is another item in the list of food which aren’t vegan. The refined white sugar is usually bleached by filtering it through Bone char or charred cattle bones to be specific. This strips the impurities and color of the granules. Also do not be fooled by the brown sugar which is just refined white sugar with molasses added to it. Alternative here is the use of palms sugar, raw turbinado sugar, date sugar and coconut sugar.


All the happy beer chuggers are warned as their ale is made with fish bladders. Leaving the Guinness, rest most of the traditional beer breweries use the traditional method still which is NO WAY VEGAN. They use isinglass, a gelatin like substance made with fresh water fish bladders. Harp, Smithwick’s and New castle Ale still continue the practice. Options for vegans are German and Belgium breweries which follow the “purity law” that do not allow any animal products. So its official your favourite beer comes in the infamous list of food which aren’t vegan.


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