Best Vegan fast food ever!

Fast food was something which vegans thought is out of their league but times have changed now and there are hundreds of scrumptious vegan fast food ever available which are lip smacking yummy as well as….vegan! Here are some great choices which you can find in any fast food joint these days.

Taco Bell

Yes, you read that right, taco bell is amazingly vegan friendly; the ingredients like rice, guacamole, beans and salsa dips are all guess what vegan! Just substitute meat with grilled potatoes and if you order the Burrito “Fresco style” they’ll use pico de gallo tomatoes instead of cheese making it the best vegan fast food ever.


The most popular fast food in the US has a vegan side to it too. This fast food comes with rice, giant burritos, rice bowls and salads packed with healthy greens, veggies and guacamole. You can replace the meat with perfect substitute Tofu which enhances the flavor and makes it an amazing vegan fast food.


There was a time when Denny’s was notoriously anti vegan, but changing time and trend has made it change too and now it offers some great vegan options. The menu offers oatmeal, English muffins, plain toasted bagels, grits, apple sauce, fresh fruits, and vegetable plates, seasoned French fries, and baked potatoes, green salads which come with the choice of light Italian or oil vinegar dressings! And top of it all veggie sandwiches…seriously what more can you ask for? Just make a point that you cannot have butter or dairy items in your orders and they would be happy to oblige, making it the best place vegan fast food ever.

Pizza hut

This institutions has specialized menu for vegans, just order for a pizza with a thin and crispy crust with no cheese and top it all with regular pizza sauces with special toppings like banana peppers, black olives, mushrooms and onions. Making it a vegans delight.


Thriving in more than 50 countries, you can easily get all the vegan options without any trepidation. Some great choices are soy latte and dairy free frappuccino, you can also order oatmeal topped with brown sugar, with a medley of fruits and nuts or a plain bagel for breakfast.

So as you can see there are great many options for best vegan fast food ever all around you, so what are you waiting for?

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