7 rich vegan sources of protein

The same question has been asked by meat eaters and vegans alike. But while it may serve no purpose for a meat eater to ask such a thing as protein is abundant in meat, for a vegan this is a very valid question. Where do you get your protein and what are the best vegan protein.

One should never think that vegans end up being skinny and undernourished. There are great food choices out there for vegans and with the right information such these sources of vegan protein, you’ll be on a healthy diet with a good amount of nutrients as well as your daily required dose of protein.

vegan protein


There are several green vegetables that have an adequate amount of protein 1 cup of these items yield the following amount of protein. Spinach 7g, French beans 13g, kale 2.5g and boiled peas 9g.


30 grams of hemp powder in your morning smoothie gives you a whopping 30 grams of protein. And you won’t get high.

Soya milk

1 cup of soya milk or almond milk too can give you 7-9 g of protein. Eaten with cereal or oats makes you a wonderful protein rich breakfast.

Nut butter

Among sources of vegan protein, nut butter is really good. Enjoy your peanut butter or cashew butter because just a few tablespoons gives you 8 gms of protein.


Quinoa is also another rich source of vegan protein. It is a delicious item and gives per cup 9 g protein


Needs no introduction, tofu is a healthy vegan source of protein where just 4 ounces yields you 9 grams of protein. It’s cheap too.


In countries like India, roasted gramflour is an incredible source of protein where you get 26 g per 100 grams. Similar different types of lentils are extremely great sources of vegan protein. 1 cup of lentils will provide you 128 Gms of protein;

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