6 Magic properties of orange peels which will blow your mind

Oranges are one of the most versatile fruits which can be eaten and also used in cooking delectable dishes of duck and foul. Orange has its own unique health benefits being packed with vitamin C. Orange peels also have great many health advantages too due to high levels of riboflavin, vitamin A, potassium and 1,5 grams of protein content.. So don’t just chuck them away after peeling an orange. Here are 6 amazing uses of orange peels;


It shines wood furniture

The white side of the orange peel if rubbed on wooden furniture it brings out the shine and make as good as new.

Insect repellent

It may sound strange but orange peels are also a great insect repellents and chases a way flies, mosquitoes and ants, prodigiously. It’s because the peels contain a compound called limonene which is insufferable for the creepy crawlies .Just keep the peels where you are frequented by these annoying bugs and your problems are solved.

Air Freshener

Dried orange peels are surprisingly, great air freshener and mold repellent. Grind these dried out peels and place them in mold affected areas in small plastic satchels in cupboards, kitchen cabinets, show racks etc.

Body scrubber

Put the orange peels in a loofah or in a cheese clothes and use this as natural body scrubber for great results.

Brown Sugar Softener

Brown sugar has the tendency to form hard clumps, once you place the orange peel in the container, no more clumps would be annoying you anymore.

Stain remover from furniture

Dried orange peels can clean away all the old stains in your furniture which are usually caused by water residue and rust formation. Regular scrubbing would take away all the rust and stains for sure.

Garbage bin deodorizer

Last but not the least, garbage bins at home are smelly and unhygienic no matter how much we take care of waste management. Just grind the orange peels and place them at the bottom of the bin, placing your garbage on top of it and it would act as a deodorizer.


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