6 Amazing Uses of Chia Seeds

As a vegan, chia seeds should constitute part of your diet as it is one of the vegan superfoods due to its high omega 3 fatty acid content. It is the best alternate to fish without having to be concerned about mercury exposure. Just 1 tablespoon of chia seeds provides more calcium than a glass of milk. It has a huge amount of antioxidants and more omegas 3 than salmon. Chia seeds can be used in several exciting ways because your vegan diet doesn’t need to be boring. Here are 6 uses of chia seeds

Chia Pudding

Combine ½ cup of chia seeds mixed with 2 cups coconut milk, 1 tblsp maple syrup and 1tsp vanilla essence. Refrigerate for 30minutes and then enjoy

Chia Cereal

Among uses of chia seeds you can add chia seeds to your breakfast cereal or simply forego your cereal and combine chia seeds with fresh fruit raisin and nut milk. Allow the chia seeds to absorb the liquid flavors for 30 minutes.

Chia Beverage

Add 2-3 tablespoons of chia seeds to ay juice. Let it soak for 30 minutes to become gelatinous and then drink it is a lovely chia beverage.

Egg Replacer

Chia works well as an egg substitute for baking products. Use 1 tablespoon of chia seeds soaked in 3 tablespoons of water for each egg required. This is one of the most versatile uses of chia seeds.

The uses of chia seeds are many as you can add it to your diet in a number of ways. Chia seeds are loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants essential for good health. 1 ounce of chia seeds gives you 4 grams of protein, 11 grams of fiber and 9 grams of fat of which 5 grams are fatty acids. Interestingly though Chia is the Mayan word for strength and as a vegan ingredient, it will definitely strengthen yours too,

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