5 Simple steps to get vegan on your cafeteria menu

As a college student or employee, how would you get your organizations cafeteria to go vegan. In an ever growing demand for vegan food being the current trend, one needs such common food resources to meet such demands of the times. Here are 5 simple steps to get vegan on your cafeteria  menu.


Find out the boss

Locate the director of dining services or the cafeteria administrator. Changes cannot be affected at the bottom of the hierarchy so knowing the top honcho counts a lot and may just get vegan on your cafeteria menu.

Get others to join you

Try to unite fellow vegans and animal protection groups to your cause. Organize a single voice that may get the job done and make authority listen.

Try to schedule a meeting

Try to schedule a meeting with the cafeteria administration. Email the director with a polite but convincing message why the cafeteria needs to get vegan on your menu. Include your contact details and follow up with a phone call or a direct visit along with your group in case you don’t get an answer.

Be practical and convincing in your meeting

Take only 2 to three representatives with you and dress professionally. Arrive 15 minutes before time and brief your group before the meeting. Stick to your point and convey the reasons why it would benefit the college to get vegan to the menu. Have numbers and statistics ready regarding the number of vegans in your college or organization. Be reasonable in demands. Cite the example of the University of North Texas where one dining hall among four on campus is vegan. Don’t forget to thank the official meeting you and reschedule another meeting if necessary. If you are successful, send a thank you card.

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Provide suggestions for the menu

Cafeterias administrators may not be familiar with a vegan concept. Vegan is different from vegetarian so do your own research well enough to provide suggestions to get vegan to your menu that will make the director’s job easier.

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