5 Important Vegan Beauty Tips to Help You Be Vegan

If you really want to go vegan the whole way then you need to know what choices to make where your cosmetics are concerned. There could be a number of cosmetics that you use which may contain animal products.  Here are some vegan beauty tips to help you get started.

Cruelty free isn’t vegan

Fine, there are several high end responsible brands that use products with animal ingredients derived from non cruelty means but that isn’t vegan. Check labels and ingredients toi see no insect or fish or animal products are lurking in small print.

Check for unsuitable products

Te most important vegan beauty tips are animal products that could be listed under confusing names and numbers which you wouldn’t even know about. Some of the common ingredients to avoid are:

Carmine: (carminic acid, cochineal, crimson lake, natural red 4, C.I. 75470, E120). These are ingredients derived from crushed insects which is known as cochineal the most common non vegan product in makeup

Beeswax: (cera alba, cera lava). Found in lip balms and mascaras

Guanine: (CI 75170). Derived from fish scales for adding shimmer

Lanolin: Grease/fat extracted from sheep’s wool

Collagen:  Although brands will say such things as 100% vegan, it could mean a combination of animal /fish/bones/connective tissue and skin.

Be aware of tools

This may surprise you but makeup brushes could be made from goat, squirrel, and mink, sable or horse hair. There are several brands that use high quality synthetic material such as Sam and Nic Chapman’s Real Technique range.

Hit up the high street

Locate brands like Gosh, Elf, and Barry M which manufacture great vegan products.

Refer to vegan blogs

There are several cruelty free and vegan blogs available that give you good vegan beauty tips and advice. Referring to them will help you on your vegan journey.

About Emre Rothzerg

Emre Rothzerg
Part-time programmer, full-time vegan.