How to make a delicious vegan oatmilk recipe for a vegan breakfast

You’re gone vegan and looking for options for a healthy breakfast. Did you ever give oats a though? Oats aren’t just vegan but an incredible health ingredient that helps you lose weight and reduces cholesterol. Even tastier is vegan oatmilk and no – don’t be confused; you won’t be using milk which just isn’t vegan.

Homemade plant milk is not only cheaper, its healthier  where you can either use this oatmilk as an ingredient with other recipes or consume it on its own as a good breakfast accompaniment.  From the pulp acquired from the vegan oatmilk you can make a smoothie, have it with cookies or even used it to make truffles, be innovative and convert it into anything you want. Consuming vegan oatmilk is much creamier and tastier than your usual oats for breakfast.

vegan oatmilk

Here’s how to make your vegan oatmilk recipe: serves 3-4


  • Rolled or quick oats: 1 Cup
  • Water: 750 ml-1L.

Keep the oats soaked in water for 30 minutes. Drain the oats and wash. Discard the water. Now blend the oats with 750 ml to 1 l water depending on how creamy you want it. Strain again using a cheesecloth or strainer. Refrigerate the mixture placed in a sealed container for 5 days. Your vegan oatmilk recipe is ready.

vegan oatmilk

Some tips: Use 750 ml of water and add more to get the desired thickness. You can ad maple syrup, coconut sugar or cane sugar to sweeten the vegan oatmilk mixture. use it as a savory or a sweet dish  garnished with almonds which are also a healthy ingredient full of omega 3s.

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