5 Smart vegan ways to healthier eating

Everyone wants to adopt a lifestyle of healthier eating but somehow falter in the discipline because most of the approaches they follow are very demanding and challenging. Healthy eating is not as difficult as we make it out to be here are some tips which can help you to keep up on your pursuit of healthy lifestyle.

healthier eating

Pack your own lunch

This simple practice would put you in control on how much and what you are eating throughout the day. None of us would intentionally pack themselves an unhealthy lunch and it would help you to stick to your vegan food chart and stay away from restaurants, junk food and other such distractions.

Oatmeal for breakfast

This fiber full meal would keep you full till late lunch, replacing the traditional but unhealthy bacon and sausage routine. Also you can always keep your oatmeal exiting by adding fruits and nuts for flavor or even try making oatmeal rolls. Add some maple syrup or cinnamon and you can never get bored of your oatmeal breakfast which is classic healthy eating at its best.


This is a delicious and healthier way to pack high nutrients which will also taste awesome and keep you cool and hydrated. Throw in a pinch of fruits and nuts and you are already on your divine path of healthier eating already.

Banana Soft Serve

Ditch ice-cream for this vegan delight which is healthy and nutritious at the same time. Make your own banana serve with frozen bananas and combine with a drop of vanilla or cinnamon flavor and you would never want to eat anything else again.

Carry fruits and nuts

Instead of snacking on chips and colas always carry fruits and nuts with you, which will not only satiate your midday cravings for junk but also encourage you towards a much healthier eating habit for life, which you can imbibe forever and keep you away from all those  harmful sugar, fat, cream and  processed stuffs.

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Emre Rothzerg
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