Why you should put lemon near your bed at night

Keep a lemon near your bed before you go to bed at night. Lemon has a rejuvenating and a refreshing smell. The citric fruit also acts as a room freshener. For doing so you just need to slice a lemon into pieces and sprinkle some salt on it. You are all set to grab some exciting benefits.


Prevents anxiety

When you are ready for your nap then every kind of tension and stress tends to flood your mind. Keep some slices of lemon near your bed. This will surely take care of your brain’s relaxation.

Increases concentration

Did you ever give it a think that why would you ever need to concentrate while you sleep? It is very useful for those people who are deprived of sleep during the night. For getting a good sleep you got to focus on optimistic things in your life. Only then will your brain be able to relax and calm down. It increases this concentration level and gives you a grand sleep at night.

Improvised breathing

When you look back you tend to think that you took your breathing pattern for granted. This thought comes to your mind only when your nose is blocked. At the moment, some lemon near your bed will improve your breathing pattern and give you a good sleep.

Chases away insects

Are you irritated of getting those mosquito bites at night when you are trying to grab some sleep after a hard day’s work? Or is it a fly buzzing around your ears and making you go crazy? Do not lose your hopes. Some slices of lemon near your bed will keep you away from all kinds of insects at night. You will be able to have a pleasant sleep.

Increases vitality and confidence in the morning

The slices of lemon near your bed last night will enthuse you with passion and optimism when you wake up the next morning. The perfume from lemon increases the serotonin level in your brain.

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