This is what happens when you go vegan

You’ve decided to go vegan yet you can’t really decide. You’re sure on how it can affect your health and whether going vegan is really as good as the experts advocate. What difference would going vegan make on your health and your surroundings. Well here are 5 major reasons why you should go vegan.

happy cow

Good for animals

Well!! The happiest beings on earth will be animals of course.  By going vegan you contribute to preventing the exploitation of animals. Avoiding animal products is your biggest protest against animal cruelty around the world.

Good for health

Your health is improved a lot when you go vegan. Not only will you look younger, you increase energy and improve your skin. Planned vegan plant diets are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals providing you vital nutrients that prevent health problems like obesity, diabetes, and cancer.

Improve the environment

Did you know that when you go vegan you reduce your carbon footprint? Living a green life contributes to preservation of resources and slowing down the food chain. The rising demand of animal products increases related resources such as fodder and grain for animals. Huge demands for grain also increase issues of deforestation which is why when you go vegan you improve the environment.

Good for people

When you go vegan you contribute to decreasing the strain on food resources. Vegan diets help people live simpler lives from a food and diet perspective.

Go Vegan

Being vegetarian won’t do it

The dairy and egg industry is no less deplorable than the cattle industry. Increased demand for dairy products leads to discarding and killing male calves in a cruel and inhumane manner. Male chicks are thrown into large grinding vats and ground alive. They are ripped and manhandled in the process.

Now you know why you should go vegan? There is no such thing as ethical meat because contrary to what you are shown in TV, slaughterhouse treatment of animals is deplorable all over the world.


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Emre Rothzerg
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