Major reasons why you have been drinking water the wrong way all your life

It’s a scary thought but scientists have proven it that all our lives we have been drinking water wrong and it has affected our health in a very bad way. What is even worse is that due to lack of knowledge and education we are still propagating the wrong drinking habits to our kids in homes and schools which is further harming their heath in an alarming rate.

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What exactly are we doing wrong?

The most common mistake we make while drinking water wrong is to gulp it down fast, standing up. Gulping water has serious health repercussions. We should sit down and sip water patiently.

What are the actual dangers of drinking water wrong?

Internal Organ wall gets damaged

While standing and drinking the water splashes and harms the stomach wall, surrounding organs and gastrointestinal tract. This causes a disruption in digestive function.

Imperfect filtration of impurities reaching our kidneys

The Disadvantage of drinking water wrong while standing up makes impurities collect near blood vessels, bladder, kidneys and urinary tracts because of subsequent insufficient water filtration.


Third effect of drinking water wrong can cause Arthritis. It disturbs the balance of body fluids and causes access water accumulation in the wrong places like our joints, thereby causing pain.

Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease/ GERD

Another health problem encountered while  drinking water the wrong way is the harsh splash of water on the lower part of esophagus resulting in dilation and relaxation of sphincter Due to this disturbance, acids in the stomach start flowing backwards causing heartburns and ulcers too.

Serious Indigestion

Yet another of malady of drinking water wrong is chronic indigestion while the sitting position automatically stimulates the senses and nerves to relax to readily digest food or beverages. Even Auyrveda suggests us to sit and drink water slowly as it dilutes all the acid levels in our systems with the water. Finally drinking water standing doesn’t even quench our thirst!

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