5 Healthy seeds which should be a part of your vegan diets

There are bunch of healthy seeds which we must regularly eat to garner various health benefits which our bodies can extract out of them. Here is a list of healthy edible seeds which should be part of everybody’s diet.

Pumpkin Seeds

High on magnesium quotient pumpkin seeds also has a great zinc index for better immune system. It’s laced with Omega 3 fatty acid which makes it one of the best healthy seeds to incorporate in our daily diet. It also improves prostate heath and diabetic symptoms. It’s greatly useful for post menopausal women as well


Hemp seeds are high on calorie content and are excellent as a post workout snacking item. 1 ounce of hemp gives out 10 g of protein and 13g of fat. It can be delicious accompaniment to various smoothies, cereals, salads and even Yogurts.

Watermelon Seeds

Yes, we agree it does not come across as a traditional edible healthy seeds but it really is, as it contains 8 g of protein, 13g of fat per ounce. It’s also a good source of magnesium in our body which is extremely crucial for the protein synthesis and efficient muscle and nerve functions in our body.

healthy seeds

Sesame seeds

We possibly could not miss out on sesame seeds in this list of healthy seeds to eat regularly. It’s high on fiber, calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and iron content. This super seed also packs a mineral punch that not only boosts our immune system, reduce our stress levels, regulate blood pressure levels and also improve our bone health. It also improves our natural protein production and red blood cell count.


This high fiber seeds gives out 11g fiber per ounce and also keeps our digestive tracts in order. The healthy fats in Chia combat inflammation. Also the additional 4g of protein per ounce makes it a clear winner among all the healthy seeds which we must eat.

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